LabGEM - Superior LIS Software for Your Lab

LIS productFor over 30 years, Diamond Computing has helped medical laboratories run more efficiently and more profitably. Our business is to make sure you have a laboratory information system that matches your needs and scales to your growth. Our LIS systems are installed in labs across the country, each one backed by Diamond's 24/7 customer support guarantee.


LabGEM, our premier LIS software product, allows for expansion as your laboratory expands. The system installs easily in a small lab with a single instrument and 2 to 3 workstations, and can also scale up to a very large cluster laboratory that uses full instrument arrays and 100 or more workstations. Diamond Computing works with you to grow your lab business - our lab information systems are designed to be flexible and adapt as your needs change. Our commitment is to work with you to make that happen.


LabGEM is supported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by experienced professionals. Our staff can help you customize the system to fit your own workflow, and the Diamond programmers are used to working with clients to quickly design and implement any new features or reports you need. Unlike other laboratory information systems, LabGEM adapts itself to the lab, not the other way around. Whatever your lab's requirements, whatever its resources, LabGEM can provide a solution for you.


Laboratory Information Management Systems – Connecting You to Your Clients


Included with every installation of LabGEM is WebGEM, our web portal that provides your customers and clients access to their own patients, test results and reports. With a link placed on your own home page, WebGEM gives you the edge in customer response. Doctors can sign in from their own office to get real-time information and download their reports as soon as they become available, even place new orders remotely. LabGEM and WebGEM combined give your lab a true laboratory information management system, a LIMS system that not only runs your lab but serves as client interface as well.


Two qualities set us apart from all the other LIS/LIMS systems:


  • We will quickly customize the software to suit the particular needs of your lab environment.
  • We will save you money, up front and over time. Our initial installation typically costs less than what the competition charges, and the increased efficiency goes right to the bottom line of your business of running a medical lab.


Full Spectrum LIMS Functionality at an Affordable Price


How can such superior LIMS software be so affordable? Diamond Computing keeps its own overhead low. We are a company of programmers, and we stay focused on making great software. We are always working on perfecting our product, so we can help you streamline and economize, both in the lab and in accounts receivable. We make sure that your lab will run more economically as soon as LabGEM is installed.


We'd like to know what you need to make your lab grow. Any part of our system can be installed as that growth happens, including:


  • Independent Lab
  • Hospital Lab
  • Lab Billing
  • EMR Interfaces


So give us a call at 800-486-5980. We'd like to learn about your present needs, as well as your plans for future growth.