EMR Interfaces

LIS product

The term EMR, or Electronic Medical Records, refers to the digital files collected and maintained by health care providers. The term has become the new buzzword in our industry because of the coming federally mandated EMR requirements. (See the link below for more information on the federal requirements.)

The EMR interface is the means by which different data management systems – such as those in use at the doctor’s office, the medical laboratory, the nursing home and the hospital – exchange medical records precisely and securely.

Diamond Computing maintains a growing library of EMR interfaces to:

• Physicians’ offices

• Reference Labs

• Hospital Labs

• Nursing Homes

• Other medical management systems

While Diamond’s EMR Interface Engine comes integrated with our LabGEM LIS, it is also functions flawlessly as a stand-alone module.

Diamond is adept at writing the code that enables different software applications to exchange data securely. Many clients call on us specifically to customize their interfaces in an efficient, timely manner. Indeed, we will complete any interface as quickly as possible – and we have yet to find a tech team who can keep up with us.

We welcome all questions about EMR interfaces, whether you’re wondering about interfaces we have already developed or if you want to ask about new interfaces you may need.


The Hitech Act of 2009 – more formally known as The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act – mandates that health care providers must comply with HIPAA and CLIA standards for both privacy and data quality. The bill requires that health care providers comply with these requirements by 2015.

For more detailed information on the Hitech Act, we offer the following links: