LabGEM LIS System – Our Flagship Product

LIS productDiamond Computing’s premier product is the LabGEM Laboratory Information System (LIS). LabGEM’s LIS software has been developed and refined for over 30 years and has been installed in a wide variety of lab settings across the country. Our LIS system is a fully mature and integrated product, always updated and compliant with the latest federal and industry guidelines set for all laboratory information systems. LabGEM provides any laboratory, large or small, with the right tools to increase efficiency and expand operations.

LabGEM – A Cut Above Other LIS Systems

Unlike other lab information systems, LabGEM is designed to adapt to your lab’s own unique workflow. Our LIS software is easily customized and scaled to your needs. As your lab grows, LabGEM will keep pace with you. Standard features include:

  • Login/Order Entry
  • Results Entry
  • Worksheet Processing
  • Inquiry
  • Customized Results Reporting
  • Instrument Interfacing
  • Client Services
  • Cytology and Surgical Pathology
  • Microbiology/Epidemiology
  • Workload Recording
  • Quality Control/Statistics
  • Reference Laboratory Interfacing
  • Billing Interface to LabGEM Billing or External Billing Systems

WebGEM – the Web Portal for your Clients

Every installation of LabGEM also includes WebGEM, Diamond’s integrated LIS system web portal. WebGEM gives your doctors immediate access to their own patient results. They can even submit orders and download reports from their own office, or anywhere they can access the internet. Accessed by a link on your lab’s own website, WebGEM gives you the capability of a true laboratory information management system – not just in the operation of your lab, but as a real connection and interface for your clients as well. WebGEM can even be configured as a remote service center for your own personnel working offsite.

LIS Software Support

Diamond Computing supports all its Laboratory Information System components 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our staff of experienced programmers can help you customize LabGEM to fit your own workflow. We place an emphasis on working with our customers to help make their lab run smoothly and improve their profitability as a business.

When choosing among lab information systems, we know every lab has to balance cost and capability. Diamond Computing strives to make that choice easy for you. Whatever your lab’s requirements, whatever its resources, LabGEM provides an affordable solution for you. Call us at 800-486-5980 to learn more and get a free demonstration.