LabGEM in the Hospital Lab

LIS productDiamond Computing’s LabGEM Laboratory Information System (LIS) was designed from the outset to function in a Hospital Lab setting. Offered with an onboard interface to any existing HIS, LabGEM integrates smoothly with your Hospital’s patient database.
LabGEM relates all hospital ADT transactions, order transactions, and detailed result information associated with each patient stay. Clinically significant changes may be readily identified. Retrieving results and monitoring the status of laboratory requests for a given patient is simplified for you. Standard features include:
•       HIS interfacing
•        ADT Entry/Tracking
•       Order Entry
•       Specimen Collection, Consolidation and Monitoring
•       Worksheet Processing
•       Results Entry
•       Broadcast and Cumulative Reports
•       Inquiry
•       Instrument Interfacing
•       Microbiology/Epidemiology
•       Outreach Program billing capability
•       Blood Bank
•       Ad Hoc Report Generator
•       Cytology and Surgical Pathology
•       Reference Laboratory Interfacing
•       Interface to LabGEM Billing System or external billing system
LabGEM is supported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by experienced professionals. Our staff can help you customize the system to fit your own workflow, and Diamond programmers are used to working with clients to quickly design and implement any new features or reports you need for your particular hospital environment.
Whatever your lab’s requirements, whatever its resources, LabGEM provides a solution for you.